Basic Shotgun Shooting Course

woman holding shotgun at firearm training course

Learn to shoot, clean, and operate a shotgun from a certified shotgun instructor. This course dives into the world of shotgun sports. It teaches the fundamentals of shooting to foster the ability and confidence necessary to safely shoot a shotgun.

**NRA Certified Course**


Shotgun selection
Shotgun storage
Ammunition selection
Shotgun nomenclature
Different gauges for shotguns (and what they mean)
Muzzle chokes and their functions
Types of actions
Shotgun shooting sports

In addition to the classroom portion of this course, the student will participate in the live-fire training and nationally standardized shooting qualification alongside an NRA Certified Instructor.

  • The range fees are included.
  • Participants need 50-75 rounds of ammo for the live fire portion of this course. 
  • No live ammo is permitted inside of the classroom portion of the course.
  • All firearms must be cased and unloaded.
  • Firearm rentals and ammo will be available, if needed, at the range for an additional cost.
  • We use outdoor ranges so dress appropriately.
woman at shotgun training course
man holding shotgun at firearms training
woman holding shotgun at firearms training